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Environmentalism is Endangered

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Wake up, environmentalists!  Your movement is on the road to extinction, and you are your own worst enemies.  Your movement is committing suicide, by hitching its wagon to possibly the greatest scientific scam since Piltdown Man.  Seriously.  You have leapt unthinkingly on the bandwagon of preventing Anthropogenic Global Warming.  That bandwagon is headed for a crash, and environmentalism will be its most serious casualty.  In her Globe and Mail column on Saturday, Margaret Wente had this to say.  It’s worth reading.

The scam has been sold to the world by the IPCC and Al Gore, and environmentalists have swallowed the whole thing, hook, line and sinker.  So have the media.  The ” war”  against Global Warming has become a cause celebre, and those who promote global action to reduce CO2 have become media darlings.  But the world is beginning to wake up to the scam, and when the IPCC, Al Gore and AGW itself are finally discredited, the media will disown them.   Environmentalism will be tarred with the same brush.

Why tilt at the windmill of man-made CO2 and methane emissions when there are real enemies to fight?  Unlike man-made CO2 and methane from farm animals, deforestation and wetland destruction really do have a significant climate impact.  Strip-mining, oil spills, over-fishing, bottom trawling, whaling, industrial, agricultural and urban pollution, land-fill waste disposal, intensive forced farming and the destruction of natural wildlife habitats all diminish the sustainability of life itself.

Stick to your knitting, environmentalists – get back out and concentrate on the real environmental issues.  We need you to do that.  And to do it, you need credibility and respect.  It will be very hard to maintain your credibility when you smell of Anthropogenic Global Warming bullshit.