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The Nobel Used-Car Sales Award

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In 2007, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore, “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”.

Eh?  The promoters of the greatest scientific scam since Piltdown Man are awarded a Nobel Peace Prize?  Anthropogenic climate change is at best a speculative theory, and Al Gore and the IPCC have cynically disseminated it as knowledge.  The truth is, scientists have not been able to validate the theory.  They have not demonstrated a causal connection between CO2 produced by mankind and global warming.  Moreover, the IPCC have cherry-picked and manipulated proxy and temperature records to provide a picture consistent with the theory,  failed to provide open access to the raw data they have used to record global temperatures, and relied on computer models for their “evidence” of man-made climate change.  In effect, they have perpetrated a sales job.  And Al Gore has taken a travelling slide show presentation as sales collateral on his mission to convince world leaders.  A presentation that promoted IPCC-manipulated data and conclusions as hard fact, glossed over the real temporal relationship between historical warm periods and atmospheric CO2, blasted scientific skepticism as bias, appealed to scientific “consensus” and “authority”, cast aspersions on all who would disagree with its message, and warned of catastrophe if we don’t accept this tenuous idea as the truth and take immediate disruptive action to cut CO2.

For that, he and the IPCC were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  It’s time to rename that prize.  This occurrence of it is nothing but a sales award.

P.S.  I have formally nominated Al Gore for the forthcoming Ig Nobel awards.  Two, in fact:

Nomination for the Ig Nobel Prize for History:

Citation – by using his presentation to show conclusively that there was no Middle-Age Warm Period, Al Gore has set the historic record straight again, exposing Chaucer and the Doomsday Book as frauds for incorrectly recording the presence of orange groves and black grape vineyards in England in the Middle Ages.

Nomination for the Ig Nobel Prize for Scientific Methodology:

Citation – By citing glacial records of rises in atmospheric CO2 that follow each rise in the temperature of the earth as proof that CO2 concentrations caused the rises, Al Gore redefines causality and demonstrates that our intuitive sense that causes precede their effects is fundamentally wrong.

For his chicken-licken successes, Al Gore may well become the first man in history to be awarded both a Nobel and an Ig Nobel award for the same piece of work.